This post is entirely about photographs in which I am on the wrong side of the lens. As you might have noticed, I’ve recently gotten engaged. Photography is one of the most important aspects of a wedding, even for those who aren’t knee-deep in the craft. The first strike of this gantlet* for most people — including us, now — seems to be engagement photos.

Happily, I’m good friends with Aaron Eisenhauer, a talented photojournalist who, also happily, recently moved with his wife from Wichita to upstate New York. Unfortunately, a last-minute conflict meant he couldn’t take our engagement photos, despite his willingness and talent.

Meanwhile, Meena and I knew that we were enjoying what would probably be the only pleasant weekend until next April. The sun was shining and the temperature was pinned at a balmy 60 degrees. If we wanted our photos, we would need to think of something rather quickly.

I remembered that we have another good friend who’s even more local: Josh Crowley. (He actually runs about three dozen websites, but that’s the “original,” as fas as I know.) Aside from being a talented web/software developer, artist, and humorist, I remembered he had recently purchased an SLR and was more than capable with it. He was extremely accommodating, filled in at the absolute last minute, and took some great photos.

Meena brought along some red balloons (or luftballons?) as something to distract us from the fact that we were being photographed. I think it helped — at least, it did for me — but Josh was also very good about maintaining a casual atmosphere. Usually, and somewhat hypocritically, I’m anxious when having my photograph taken. He managed to capture some intimate photos that are also entirely natural.

Alas, I’ve rambled too much. If you’d like to see the rest of these photos, they’re available here. I will re-emphasize, however, that he took them all! The next update, however, will include nuptial photographs of a different variety — and I did take those.

*Yes, gantlet.

Engagement Photos

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