Finally! The photos are ready.

Back in September(!), I was a second shooter for a wedding. As I’ve mentioned, this was the first time I was shooting a wedding — I was predictably nervous. There were some unforeseen difficulties, but overall, it was simpler — and more enjoyable — than I was expecting.

I spent most of the day tailing the groom. He was a bit fidgety, as one might expect. He spent a lot of time glancing at his mobile phone. However, life seemed a good bit easier for him than his bride. He was all prepared well in advance of the ceremony, so he spent a good bit of time enjoying a few drinks (but not too many) with his groomsmen.

I rode in the classy car with Jermaine from the hotel to the ceremony/reception hall, and on the way over was one of my favorite things to happen to me yet in my photo career: As we passed a grassy field, he told the driver to pull over. Apparently, Jermaine was an avid soccer player, and he wanted a few photos of him kicking around a soccer ball. He petitioned a team of middle schoolers for their ball — and they gladly obliged for the man clad in the nice suit — and kicked it around. Sync cables and straps flapped behind me as I ran to keep up. Happily, I had the presence of mind to keep the bright, harsh September sun behind his head and used my 580EX II to frontlight his visible half. I ended up with several shots that I quite liked!

He and Sarah (the bride) met up a bit before the ceremony for a few pictures, eschewing tradition in favor of practicality. (And I’m certainly not judging them there!) I took a few, and then there was a good bit of downtime to download photos and things, see how I was progressing, and set up for the ceremony.

The ceremony itself was quite difficult to shoot, for reasons that I don’t think are typical of a wedding ceremony: The couple was getting married outside, on a terrace that faces westward, at sunset. That meant shooting directly into the sun, and trying to compete with its light. Absent a strong enough light, this meant, for the most part, hoping my handheld flash could save the day again. To its great credit, it did the job admirably. After the sun had set, it meant shooting at a ridiculously high ISO and also using the flash in the hopes of saving a few images in post, which also worked pretty well. In the future, however, I would much prefer to use a setup of twin monoblocs on radio slaves.

I ended up pretty happy with this set. The full gallery is available right over here.


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