#8: Light

This makes the second blog post in a row where I could have just run outside and shot a picture of the sun. If I’d been feeling particularly artsy, I could’ve even shot a sunrise or sunset. Or the moon, I guess. But seeing as how, especially at this time of year, I can easily go more than a hundred hours without seeing that sun, this seemed more appropriate. (According to this, I’m not alone, either.)

This is actually something of a sequel, if a photo illustration can have one, to a photo I took a couple years ago. That photo is old, boring, poorly executed, and many other people have done variations on it anyway, so I won’t even bother linking to it. Suffice it to say that this one is pretty different, and better in all the ways that matter to me. It took ages to complete, but it was worth it. I actually had to import an entire other set of images to figure out exactly what it was I hated about the photo, then I spent around another half an hour doing the whole thing over.

Two strobes were used for this photo. One is horribly precariously situated on the hutch of my desk, above the entire image, and the other is hidden in front of my head. (Ach! My eyes!) Strobe 1 serves two purposes: One is to illuminate the keyboard, mouse, and give me the hairlight; the other is to trigger Strobe 2, which is optically slaved. That one is pretty much only providing me with the rimlight on my head and across my shoulders. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s really important to this photo. Happily, gelling the strobes deep blue, along with a generally blue monitor anyway, meant I had to do basically no work in Lightroom to get the colors how I wanted. (I actually ended up decreasing saturation by around 33%.) I greatly prefer getting that sort of thing done in-camera when I can.

This whole situation is getting very meta, as the above photograph is pretty much exactly what I’m doing right now. Time for me to move along.

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