#6 Anarchy

Anarchy caused me to struggle ever since I saw the list of topics I’d be shooting. I had no idea how to actually shoot it.

I also don’t view anarchy as many people seem to. It’s simply a philosophy wherein people handle themselves without the aid of government. I also think it’s as unrealistic as libertarianism, but a little more utopian.

I had no idea how to illustrate the idea photographically. I spent about a week trying to come up with something. In the end, the best I could do was show a bit of a collage of government-funded things that would go away should anarchism (or its current equivalent that’s in vogue) take hold. So take a moment to appreciate your police, roads, parks, schools, libraries, and so on.

If you would like a more traditional definition of anarchy (kind of), this photo gallery is wonderful.

Exception proving the rule

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