#19: Magic

Feeling a little demoralized over a couple posts this week involving cheap tricks and a lack of dedication, I’m happy I was able to close out the week a tiny bit stronger. Another concept that I would have loved to play with for this theme was Clarke’s quote that, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” However, having no access to such sufficiently advanced technology that I could think of, it was a creative dead end.

I guess I can’t get away with using fire anymore, since this is my second time this month doing so, but I’m happy with this one for entirely different reasons. In this photo, I rather like the details.

I’ve been doing surprisingly little work in post for pretty much all of these shots (save for the aforementioned cheap trick), although what work I have been doing is time-consuming. But mostly all I’ve done is clean up some backgrounds. But the “motion whoosh” of the wand/hand was done in-camera simply by using a 1/13 exposure time and having my camera perpetually set to second-curtain sync (so my hand was crisp at the end of the motion, not the beginning). And I’m a little joyful over the tiny, tiny rimlight on my thumb. (The only lamp in this photo, if you’ll believe it, was below the frame.)

So happy for this three day weekend! If it warms up some, maybe I can take some more outdoor shots.

It’s an illusion, Michael

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