#27: Colors

How to appear suspicious

  1. Be male and (apparently) alone
  2. Go to Sephora
  3. Deliberately avoid eye contact with building security, walking past them swiftly
  4. Take as many photos from the hip as possible

I knew what I was going for here, but the process outlined above made things a little more difficult than I’d anticipated. It’s unfortunate that openly carrying a camera will automatically turn a “person” into a “person of interest,” but I guess I’m a little more sympathetic to businesses than I am to paranoid governments. So I got my photo and got out quickly.

If you know what to look for, you can also see that my poor, ailing 28mm appears to be getting worse. The bokeh1 in the back of the photo looks really “plastic” to me (it used to be beautifully smooth and crisp). The focus is also off from what I had anticipated, but like I said, I’d been shooting from the hip. (I’m usually a little better than that! grumble…) I’m wondering if it’s worth it to void a warranty here, or just go straight to Canon.

I can’t believe this is winding down! Tomorrow will be the last post in this series, and I feel it should be a great note to go out on.

1I hate this word. Are there any alternatives?

Narrow spectrum

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