#11: Freebie 1

“So this ‘freebie’ thing on the list, does that mean I get the day off?” “Ha! No, that means I get the day off from telling you what to shoot. You still have to shoot something.” Today I’m posting the first of three Freebie days.

Having spent the last few days creating set-up shots in my apartment, I was a little desperate to shoot, well, people. I’m really pleased with my recent work (although yesterday’s, ideally, would’ve had a blue kick light coming from the left and smoke coming out of the teapot — maybe in the future). However, these days, most of my photography involves people. They’re usually aware that I’m taking their photo, but I’ve done plenty of street and news photography in my day. It’s not what I’m best at by a long shot, but this photo, taken along the East River Esplanade pretty far uptown, was a breath of fresh air for me as a photographer, the cracker in between glasses of wine. And I’m fairly happy with it, too.

I’ve never been a champion of zoom lenses, but I certainly see their usefulness — particularly in documentary style photography. I’m a little more warmed up to them these days than I have in the past, but still, being spoiled by minutely controlled environments over the past year or so, the pedantic pixel peeper in me is pretty irked by the aberration around the tree branches and the distortion from this lens.* Not the most endearing nor desirable traits in a photographer, but what I’m learning is that I would like a few zooms in my arsenal — I just would like to be picky about them, if at all possible.

Tomorrow I’m back to thematic structure, and I have a bit more of a clear head about it now, too.

* Canon EF-S 17-85 IS USM f/4-5.6. Not exactly a kit lens, but only about one step above. I kind of loathe the EF-S line for a bundle of reasons to begin with, but overall it tends to be a serviceable but mediocre low-to-middle budget lens. All right, I’ll try to stop all this “tech talk” junk now, and simply try to make good photographs no matter the gear — promise.

Sunset jog

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