It’s been a lovely month, and I have that woman up there to thank for it. (Bit of a cheat, since the photo is a little old, but it is heretofore unpublished. Also, I liked it. So nyah.) The whole project was her idea, and this isn’t the first time she’s injected a little life into my photography career. As my parents have said to me on a few occasions, Meena (my fiancee, if you’re new) is my muse.

I was a little daunted going into this project, and remained rather daunted throughout, really. It was an extremely valuable experience, though — I don’t think I’ve ever sustained a period nearly this long of shooting deliberately and with the intention to make my work public every single day. I took several photos that I really quite liked, a few photos that I was pretty disappointed with, and a lot of stuff in between.

Apparently, some people thought that I didn't take a photo at all for the post with the piggy bank. I offer proof that I did, in fact!

It was strange to be shooting so little of people. Images of people — their relationships, interactions, emotions, etc. — are some of my most favorite to make, and I really only did that effectively on a single day. Mostly, I was constrained by time and access, which forced me to think in ways that I usually don’t. That’s why I don’t think taking all those photos of stuff instead of people was a cop-out — it was genuinely difficult for me. Even on days when I wasn’t very happy with the end result, I had to strain myself during the process. Especially on a project like this, despite its openness, it’s much more about the process than the end result. So even though I’m not exactly thrilled with, say, the Food assignment’s image, coming up with that shot was a valuable experience for me.

I was amazed by the support I got from everyone around me, as well. People with whom I haven’t spoken in ages were telling me that they were having fun following my progress, and that Meena did a fantastic job coming up with the list of words. (She did, too — as soon as I saw the list, I knew it would be very challenging, but also just as much fun.) So if you left any comments, either here or on Facebook, said something to me in person, or simply just read the posts occasionally, that meant an awful lot to me — thank you.

I’m very happy to be able to slow down a little and refocus. This project didn’t leave me with very much time for many other pursuits. But it is looking like it might be a good year for business, and the funny thing about creativity is that the more you exercise it, the more you have. It’s like the opposite of a gas tank. So rather than feeling exhausted from this mile-a-minute project, I’m feeling quite the opposite. I’m excited to put all this energy to use.

In fact, I have a shoot this weekend — more in my typical style — that I’m really excited about. So please check back often if you’re curious to see what I’m up to, and thanks for reading!

If you’d like to see all 28 days of Meena’s challenge, you can view them all in chronological order with this handy link right here. If you’d like to keep on top of what I’m doing photographically, it’s pretty simple to find me on Facebook, or on Twitter, or to subscribe to this blog via RSS.


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