I had a couple ideas percolating for this one, but ultimately, I went with “CD in the Microwave.” I’m kind of disappointed that I did, because it’s a pretty lackluster, lifeless photo, but in keeping with the theme, I wanted to do something a little risky.

Granted, tossing a CD in the microwave really isn’t very risky at all, provided you’re not inhaling too deeply. But it looks risky, and shenanigans like this one are the same type I used to pull back in college, which led to, well, a lot of ruined CDs, some interesting videos, a Kraft Single on the ceiling in perpetuity, and an (impotent) threat of expulsion. So it was as much about remembering that as anything else.

Part of me kind of wants to try putting a candle in the microwave, as I’ve heard that that can lead to plasma balls in your own home… but I wouldn’t try that. (Even if I wanted to, I’m pretty sure my wife wouldn’t be a fan.) But that’s what the Microwave This? guys are for.

If you’re at all interested in technical details: Our microwave has a carousel, so I kept the disc in the absolute center, and used a smaller aperture and lower ISO so that I could increase the shutter speed, in hopes of catching as much arcing as possible.

I’m not entirely sure what exactly happens in this situation, but the CD is always scarred with these very interesting paths after the fact. They’ll follow the circular path of the disc, until they reach a certain point, wherupon they’ll extend exactly outward from the center of the disc. An uneducated guess says “something to do with the path of least resistance.” More educated folks would be welcome in the comments!

#28: Stand back, I’m going to try Science!

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