If you’ve visited before, you may be familiar with the Photo-A-Day Challenge that my fiancée (now wife!) gave me back in February. This blog has seen radio silence for the past few months, due to wedding planning, but now I’ve been given a new challenge to jump-start things again! And this one’s assignment list has a rather different character. For the first assignment of the month, I had to take portraits of a few random strangers.

We were visiting our friends Ali and Aaron Eisenhauer, who live in upstate New York. As such, I did this one at a farmer’s market near Lake George.





David and his glorious cheeses


Meena didn’t know it when she assigned it, but this was actually the very first photo assignment I ever had, back in college in David Rees’s Fundamentals of Photojournalism class. It was a lot more socially awkward the first time around than this time — positively easy. But these folks were also the friendliest strangers I’ve ever asked to photograph. I’ll have to do this same thing again in the city to see if I have a similar experience…

Return of the Challenge: #1: Breaking the Ice

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