Halloween marked the end of my second photo-a-day project. This one felt very different in character from the first one, both to me and Meena. And that makes sense, to an extent. Life is very different from how it was back in February. We’re not planning a wedding, and that in itself changes everything. But I am working significantly longer hours, and I’m actually eating proper dinners now, which tends to take time. (Totally worth it, though. We’ve become big fans of AllRecipes.) I also took a blow that I suffered earlier this year a little too hard, with regards to photo. Particularly after a pep talk about 1/3 of the way through this month’s project, I think this helped me get over that.

I was more disappointed with the photos themselves during the project this time around, or at least, it felt that way. I was mostly upset that I didn’t pull off anything as technically capable as this or this, nor anything quite as creative as February’s opener. Still, I managed one that came off as Quite Good to me.

Fun with Shapes had to be the most fun this month. For whatever reason, I simply felt no pressure while shooting that one — it truly was fun.

Possibly riding off that high, I was happy to pull off something a little different for Full Moon, a night that had complete cloud cover.

The day I went down to cover Occupy Wall Street was also really enjoyable,, but in a very different way. Taking photos wasn’t something I was so conscious of; there was just so much there to document that it became second nature.

I did have at least one photo that I would really like to reshoot. I see the potential there, just not the space (in our apartment).

I’m hoping to keep the momentum going, albeit at a slower pace. Perhaps at least one photo per week — though I’m not going to hold myself to a strict schedule. I’ve certainly got a lot to manage right now, but photography should be one of those things.

Thanks to all for reading. If you’d like to see the project in its entirety, this link is where you’ll want to go.

October In Review

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